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Network of Real Estate Professionals is a FREE networking site for all. Whether you are a real estate professional with a passion for real estate activities, or someone who simply has an interest in real estate markets, this website is for you. Members may use this platform to offer services, advertise properties, discover opportunities, or simply expand their communications and networking.

Members may also be able to find investment partners for an investment opportunity/idea, and team up with other member(s) who have expressed similar investment interests. We promote real estate investments, but urge everyone to seek legal advice and counseling in their agreements and follow state and local laws. This website will not be involved in or responsible for agreements and/or any financial consequences resulting from agreements made between it’s members.

As is a networking website, we encourage all real estate agents, brokers, title & escrow professionals, appraisers, developers & builders, contractors, investors and attorneys as well as the public to join in and participate. Real Estate involves all of us either directly or otherwise, but we believe it can be fun too. So join in, ask questions, share ideas and opportunities, offer solutions and feedback, network and be a partner!